The marketplace and accelerator in healthcare
for brilliant start-up ideas and investors

Follow your flash of insight
and the universe will open doors for you,
where previously only were walls.

Joseph Campbell

Most first thoughts about a theme are like a bliss!
And these first thoughts are mostly brilliant in exactly this form.
Our job is to bring the right people together for their realization.

For startups and providers of ideas

Are you a founder, young entrepreneur or creative mind with new ideas for the health sector and are looking for a partner for the implementation? Then we should get to know as soon as possible. Your benefits:

  • Free ideas assessment by health market experts
  • Access to suitable investors from all sectors of the market
  • Absolute confidentiality and control over the entire process

For investors and companies

You are a passionate entrepreneur and looking for new, sophisticated and promising ideas for the healthcare market? Then you should quickly become a partner of Your benefits:

  • Early access to interesting business ideas
  • Examination of ideas by healthcare market experts
  • Possibility of using competent advisory services