What is bloomblisser ?

bloomblisser.com is a matchmaking platform and accelerator in DigitalHealth & MedTech for idea givers and startups on the one side and mostly health care entrepreneurs on the other side. Our vision is to be the leading market in the health sector for brilliant ideas in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Access to the market place can only be obtained through registration and the conclusion of confidentiality agreements. Thus we ensure the greatest possible anonymity and discretion to two potential partners.

What are the costs?

Use for registered start-ups and idea givers on the one hand and entrepreneurs and investors on the other hand is free in its basic version.

How can I participate?

You can apply online via the contact forms. Idea givers get unilateral only a Bloomblisser binding confidentiality agreement to complete their registration. Investors have to sign as part of their application a mandatory confidentiality agreement.

Is my data safe?

Our servers are hosted in a secure data center in Germany and maintained by the current security policies.