Your challenge

You are  a health tech, digital health, or med tech startup, located outside of Europe, looking for product development or clinical trials funds to get access to the EU market?

You are looking to build the best product/market-fit for your proudct-launch  ?

Your solution

With EUROGRANT4US, our new program, you can apply for European non-dilutive public funding even from outside of Europe, use them to get your product market ready, conquer the european market and then be in a better position to raise growth capital in the U.S.

You don’t have to relocate until you are ready.


    …up to $3M via relevant 150+ European, national or regional grant programs


    • hands-on individual assistance with the application process executed by Bloomblisser, which has an extensive 6-year track record with 100+ startups in med tech and digital health
    • legal advice (up to 10 hours) by Theoros Capital to address any legal matters arising as part of the grants application process and arranging for a local representative in Austria
    • if necessary Assistance with future growth funding by The Startup Station

    to assist with incorporation and European market entry via Austria


    Post-grant support and curated access to  vetted resources and existing market entry programs to enable and accelerate a successful European market entry

Contact us

Once you contact us using this form, you will receive an email from us. Optional you can ask for a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

Please let us know to whom we should address the confidentiality agreement, including the address. Example: John Doe, Startup GmbH, Marktstraße 1, 12345 City


How much money can we raise through this program?

$ 36K – $ 3M ( grants in sequence ) 

Are there any restrictions on the use of public funds?

Depends on the program. Typically the funds are used for product and business development.

How long does it take to receive a response after we apply for grants?

6 – 12 weeks

How much does it cost to incorporate?

Cost: Euro 2500

Paid In Capital: Euro 2,500 (can be used later to cover operations)

Do I have to move to Austria after I get a grant?

No, but you need to incorporate

What support can Austria provide to my startup?

I2A International Accelerator by Bloomblisser accelerates market entry into the European market for digital health, health tech, and med tech companies via a custom 3 to 6-month program. As a result of going through the program, startups will have:

  1. An application for product approval ( regulatory affairs leading to the conformity declaration & CE mark )
  2. The necessary branch office
  3. The necessary quality management assured processes (eQMS) 
  4. The development of test markets
  5. First customers contacts
  6. The examination and application (self-applied) for subsidies
  7. The establishment of targeted contacts to co-investors
  8. At least one started negotiation process for insurance reimbursement in case a similar product is already listed on the european market

Do we have any legal obligations or liabilities resulting from our application?

At this stage – no. If you are successful with the grant allocation, a legal contract is normally signed with the grantor where certain obligations will be spelled out, such as that you have to stick to the purpose of the grant that you have stated in your application. We will be in position to assist and guide you through that process.